by ReadyShovel December 11, 2012


Metal detecting, relic hunting, dirt fishing, beach combing, whatever you want to call it can be an additive hobby. Every level of the experience requires knowledge, patience and perseverance. But the rewards can be staggering. Not just in the monetary value but also the personal satisfaction of a job well done. To unearth an item that has been hidden for twenty, fifty, one hundred years or more and wonder who may have last touched it and how did get lost, is the real treasure to be discovered. A successful hunt doesn’t always mean finding items of monetary value but can be measured by the sheer enjoyment of a pretty day, beautiful surroundings, good companionship and self satisfaction.


There are many steps to be taken prior to actually making finds and I will be covering them in future blogs, please feel free to send emails to me and they may be included.

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