ReadyShovel/Didio’s Detecting values the feedback we receive from our customers and actively seeks to gather their thoughts and input. Below are some of the recent comments our customers have made about using our products.


I bought one about 2 weeks ago. It works great and is even more substantial than it looks. Well worth the cost.


Received my carrier in the mail yesterday. Awesome job on making these. Shipping was super fast too. Can’t wait to use it, seems like it will hold up very well. Great product you’ve got and fits the Lesche t handle shovels PERFECTLY! THANK YOU DD!


Received mine 2 weeks ago an put almost 70 hours on it. Holding up great and is very easy to clip and unclip. Love your product thanks!


Nice set up, good job man!


Guys anyone that uses the T- handle diggers will love this product. I’m hard in the field and my equipment takes a beating if it lasts for more then a week with me an my normal 40 hours hunting then its good product. I’ve had mine for 2 months now and use it at least 20 hours a week minimum and its not even starting to wear. The shovel won’t come off during use but you can easily remove it and only takes one hand. Heavy-duty workmanship. Thanks DD!


My 18 in. Sampson shovel was never in my way while walking or kneeling down on my side. This is a great product!


I just purchased a 31″ Sampson T-handle from Colonial Detectors and I also got the Ready Shovel carrier with it. It’s a nice piece of kit to have. Works great and sure beats having to keep up with the shovel by carrying it around. I give it 2 thumbs up!